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 These are a just a few of the many compliments/testimonials that we have received in only the past few years.


He (Dr. Davis) is very dedicated to chess and advancement of his students.                                                                      

--Z.P., Parent

 It takes people like yourself with the passion and patience for seeing the potential in young chess player.               
--R.P., Parent
In fact, S___ interest in chess has increased tremendously since we have started your classes.  I am happy the it is progressing for S___.  Thank you very much for your dedication and I sincerely appreciate everything that you do.
--B.L.C., Parent

Dr. D.,  The response to the chess club has greatly exceeded our expectations. … this enthusiasm is terrific...                                                                   

--P.J. Parent Coordinator


There are a lot of kids wanting to play chess at recess now because of the start-up of this club.  Very cool.   Thank you again….                                                                                 
--D.S., Principal

 We have spoken to A----- and each other several times over the past couple of months of how lucky we have been to receive your chess expertise…..  Thank you for multiple, free, and invaluable lessons.  In addition to being strict, wise, and are a true gentleman.            

--J.&S. K., Parents


First, I would like to thank you for everything you have done for our students and our Chess Club.  They have learned so much from your expertise.                              

--B.D. , Principal


Thank you for providing the opportunity to be a part of a meaningful chess club.  We really appreciate all you are teaching and sharing, as well as all the extra efforts you make to provide even more instruction and challenge.  What you are doing is so valuable to A---- and us.           

--J. & S. K, Parents


Thank you for all of your kind words and support with E----and A----.  I truly appreciate it.  I'm grateful they have the opportunity to learn the concepts and strategies of chess.  I know it takes a lot of your time, and I truly appreciate you working with all of the kids in the club.   

--S.R., Parent


 Thank you for offering to work with him. …….I feel it [chess] has been a great addition to the school's offerings. Thanks for your efforts and drive to establish the club. Your passion and enthusiasm for chess is evident. Thanks,   

--A.L., Parent


 Thank you so much for your time and effort in this.  You were asked since you are highly respected.                   

--S.K., Parent


 Thank you for your time and effort trying to teach me the way you are right now. I sincerely thank you Doctor Davis. 

---A.K., Student


 ….he really likes you as a teacher, likes chess and wants to learn more. he enjoys you and believes he could learn a lot from you.                                                                                

--L.L., Parent


  Thank you for your dedication and extra effort in helping A-----  progress in his appreciation and enjoyment of chess.  With much gratitude,                                             

--S.K.  Parent