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      Welcome to Brightwood Chess Association

Looking for a chess coach for your club? Need a chess tutor to improve your game? Want a chess teacher for your child? Require chess lessons online? Want the best way to learn chess for you? That's us! We do all this and more.

We are dedicated to bringing the joy of chess and its many benefits to as many people as possible.

Please see the "Lessons & Services" page for our credentials and background. 

 A Few of the Many Benefits of Playing Chess:

1.  Improves logic and analytical skills

2.  Improves ability to focus and concentrate

3.  Teaches patience

4.  Teaches discipline and planning

5.  Teaches sportsmanship

6.  Improves social interaction

7.  Builds self-esteem

 Teaching Philosophy

1.  One of my goals is to bring the joy of chess and its many benefits to as many people as possible.  If I can get students to learn more than just how to play, they develop a greater appreciation for the game, get more enjoyment from it, more personal benefits and will play throughout their lives.

2.  Another goal is to get students to play at a level beyond what I refer to as the “grey area.”  Many people learn to play chess and then set it aside for some reason, usually one that is critical of the game (too slow, boring, etc.). That is the level of learning that I refer to as the “grey area.” 

3.  I do like to teach children chess primarily for the pure joy they can experience from playing as well as for all the ancillary benefits such as learning logical analysis, planning, etc.  It has been especially rewarding to teach someone to perform at a level that they otherwise would not have achieved.  I really enjoy analyzing games with students.

 4.  As a general approach to instruction, I try to stress basic principles and fundamentals. I have written a basic guide of instruction which is simple, yet good enough to raise a beginning player to one of fair strength.  Applying just these basic principles, I was able to win my division in the Cleveland Open against much more knowledgeable opponents.

 Personal Background

1.  Formal education is extensive—four college degrees, several college certificates, etc.  I am an avid, extensive and eclectic reader.

2.  My background is strong and diverse with extensive knowledge in many areas.  Most, but not all of my career has been involved in management and information systems consulting.  Successes include starting and operating successful businesses in three different fields with both bricks-and-mortar and internet operations.  I have also been a successful newspaper editorial column and article writer.  I have developed, written, marketed and presented seven seminars/classes on communications, technical/scientific and recreational subjects.  This multi-disciplined background gives me a unique viewpoint for coaching.

3.  I have coached children and adults in other sports as well.  I am also a certified CYO Coach. I am education and civic oriented and have founded and chaired community service organizations. 

4.  Effective communication skills are a strength that has complemented my results-oriented approach to chess coaching. I am a highly motivated (and motivating) individual with a personal commitment to professional excellence.

5.  The combination of strong chess experience and ability, depth of knowledge, and excellent communication skills, assures my continued success as a chess coach.

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