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Willoughby Learn & Play Chess Club   
Dates:   Last Saturday of the month.
             12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.  
Willoughby Public Library, Willoughby Meeting Room
Join us for an informal gathering of chess enthusiasts.  No registration needed.  All ages welcome.  Including instruction and play, fun and refreshments  Chessboards welcome!














































Sophie, at 7 weeks, learning the basics.






Dr. Davis instructs.








St. Helen's 2018 Tournament Trophy Winners!










Patrick studies the position.









Charles in Charge!










Veer calculates his next move.











Lucy plans another win.






Dean calculates a tactical combination.








Shaashwatiyaa (age5) studies her chess lesson.









Willoughby Library Tournament

 Andrew, 8th grader, played well against strong opponents in the adult section.  





 Willoughby Library Tournament

Frankie, 4th grader, won second in the youth section.




Willoughby Library Tournament

Rhea, 4th grader, finished as the top girl player.









Spring Quad Tournament Winner, Andrew









 Spring Quad Tournament Winner, Luke 










Spring Quad Tournament Winner, Bradley









Spring Quad Tournament Young Participants:   Ben, William, Andrew







Andrew (Kindergarten) works on solving a 2-move chess  problem!






 Rhea & Evie battle it out.







Alex & Dillon in a top match.











Sophia deep in thought.












P. J. looks for a defense. 











Lauren records her game.








Eleanor and Audrey in a challenge game. 








Tim & Damian play a 10 second/move game.







Damian & Andrew play Zach & Rafe in a "Bughouse" game




 Scott monitors a blindfold game between David & Isaac.






Michael, deep in thought.










 Tim records his move

Ryan explains his strategy.






Gordon, first grader, is deep in thought.






Lucy contemplates her next move.








Dr. D. Instructs